"If you can create something time cannot erode,
something which ignores the eccentricities of particular eras or moments,
something truly timeless...

This is the ultimate victory."

- Dr. Ferry Porsche

Technology of MBL Radialstrahler

Loudspeakers, in theory, should be able to create a sound field similar to that created by musical instruments in an orchestra.
However, unfortunate drawback of traditional loudspeakers, let's say cone type, electrostatic or horns have a narrow radiation pattern.

This means that the zone of optimal stereo effect created by them, literally counted in centimeters. Just a little movement of the listener collapses whole sound balance, frequency and phase characteristics.

Stereo field accuracy is the most important key characteristic for any loudspeaker and to a large extent it determines the ability to accurately reproduce whole palette of musical sound.

Therefore Radialshtraler allows you to be anywhere in your premises. and at the same time. as in real concert hall. Sound is equally smooth by it's density and saturation.
Radialshtraler MBL 101 can rightly be called the pinnacle of technical excellence.

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