MBL 7008 Integrated Amp

Noble line

This new masterpiece from MBL fulfils the wishes of all the music lovers who want a com-pact and elegant audio reproduction system without any compromise in sound quality.

The power section of the mbl 7008 is designed with a double-mono construction, using 2 separate power boards. For optimal operation, the heatsink is on the top - this design creates the shortest signal path and the most homogenous temperature field for lowest thermal distortion. You will be surprised by the control of the power amplifier stage and you will feel that you have virtually limitless amounts of power available.

The second surprise will be the total lack of coloration of the unit - what's left is only the beauty of the music.

This is one of the rare amplifier designs where a solid-state amplifier is able to reproduce extremely difficult instruments with pure fidelity, without introducing distortion.


Black Gold
Black Chrome
Silver Chrome
White Chrome
White Gold
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